• My parcel has not been collected. What can I do?

    If your parcel has not been collected, you may be able to rebook your collection. In the event that you’re unable to rebook your collection, you can switch to a drop-off service.

  • Why hasn’t my parcel been collected?

    There are usually only a few reasons why a courier is not present for a scheduled collection: Driver Out of Time — the driver has reached their legal daily driving limit of 10 hours before they have reached your specified collection point. This can be caused by traffic delays. Force Major — this is a failure scan indicating that an authority has prevented the driver from completing the route to your selected collection point. This could be a police diversion or a road event, such as a marathon. Booking Error — the driver doesn’t have your collection scheduled in their system.

  • What should I do now?

    To see whether you can rebook your collection: Go to the rebooking page Select your order from the drop-down menu Click ‘Rebook Collection’ Select a date to rebook

  • Can I still send my parcel today?

    If you need to dispatch your parcel today, you can switch to a drop-off service instead. Opting for a drop-off service guarantees you won't experience another failed collection. Plus, you can drop off your parcel today, rather than having to wait for another collection tomorrow. To switch to a drop-off service, select the option ‘Switch to Drop-Off’ below the collection rebook menu on the rebooking page. When you switch from collection to drop, you will be refunded the difference in price.

  • Can I make a claim for my parcel?

    You will only be eligible to make a claim for a full refund if: The order in question was booked with your name and email address You added Parcel Protection to your order during booking The item you sent with us does not appear on our prohibited/no compensation items list. If you did not attach Parcel Protection to your order, you may still be eligible for a refund on the parcel’s carriage costs. There are also some articles that we can cover for loss, but not for damage.

  • The parcel I sent has arrived damaged?

    We class damage to a parcel as damage to the item you have sent, not damage to the box or packaging it was sent in. Therefore, you won’t be able to claim for parcels where it is the packaging alone that has been damaged. To make a claim for damage, you’ll first need to log into your account. If you do not have an account, you will need to register to log a claim online. You will need to register using the e-mail address you used to book the order.

  • The parcel I sent is lost!

    If you believe that the parcel you sent might have been lost in transit, we advise that you check whether or not your parcel has passed it’s expected delivery date. You can find your estimated time of delivery. If your parcel is past its expected delivery date by 3 days or more, you can contact us to look into a potential loss in transit.

  • Part of the item I sent/received is missing?

    If part of the item you sent or expected to received has gone missing in transit, you could be eligible to make a claim. If you do not have an account, you will need to register to log a claim online. You will need to register using the e-mail address you used to book the order. You can quickly register here. Once you’ve set up your account, enter the details of your parcel, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • This is not the parcel I was expecting?

    If the item inside the parcel you received differs from what you expected, we’d advise that you contact the sender of the parcel directly. If you have received a parcel that you have no prior knowledge about.